No Longer Paper Thin

Sensitive is an understatement!  I spent so many years walking around with paper thin skin.  I believe it went hand in hand with my social anxieties.  Walking around trying to protect myself from the darts that were aimed at me was exhausting!  Those darts of criticism were mostly self-inflicted.

I worked hard to make myself small and invisible. On the flip side, I felt no one saw me.  Puberty was the worst! My already hardwired for anxiety brain went into overdrive. Continue reading “No Longer Paper Thin”

Vacationing With Teens

Ohhh to be 11 and 14 again……. NOT! We are on a family vacation and visiting family! My husband I are loving the shared time with are two youngest kiddo’s exploring the city visiting the sights and eating good food!  The girls are enjoying this too between the moodiness, fussing and biting the others head off. Oh sweet puberty! Continue reading “Vacationing With Teens”

Manifest Your Dream Marriage 

Unfortunately, we had no models of marriage beyond the, very fictional, Cosby Show.

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As a new bride, married at 21, I had no clue what a marriage was.  I thought like many young women that my husband would be my knight in shining armor. He would cater to my every whim. He would fulfill me and make me immensely happy! Boy, was I in for a surprise.

Unfortunately, we had no models of marriage beyond the, very fictional, Cosby Show.  Figuring out this marriage thing was difficult and the early years were a struggle. my expectations were like a vine slowly choking the life out of our union. Truth be told my expectations were born out of lack. Lack of a model, lack of self-esteem, lack of appreciation, lack of self-love and lack of resources.   Continue reading “Manifest Your Dream Marriage “

The Power to Change

I don’t know about other people but, I am sometimes my own worst enemy.  I have often felt powerless to change. Things like assertiveness, organization, eating right, working out with consistency can be a struggle.  I am attentionally challenged, somewhat impulsive with issues in all areas of executive functioning.

I mean, I’m intelligent, driven and creative why do I tend to struggle when it comes to doing the things I say I want?  How do I set goals for my health, family, career,  ministry, and my passions?  How do I efficiently grow my students to their highest potential? These questions drove me to seek out information on how the best ways to elicit change that sticks around. Continue reading “The Power to Change”

Distorted Vision: Viewing Life Through Anxious Eyes

Are my anxious ways impacting my marriage, my children?  


My earliest memories are all attached to perceived disaster.   A pile of clothes on a chair became a menacing monster.  A furnace turning on was the roar of a large man coming to take me away.  Running out of my house, wailing and refusing to reenter as it was going to collapse around us.  Convinced that the small section of plaster that fell from the ceiling was a product of a leak and old house I finally returned.  By Nature, my young mind already wired to fear the worst. My ability to creatively contort simple happenings into perceived catastrophe reasoned away as the result of high intelligence. Continue reading “Distorted Vision: Viewing Life Through Anxious Eyes”

This is a Public Service Announcement!

Do things that bring you joy.

I have an important message for my sister and mister friends! However first, a short story.   It was about 90 degrees today and I choose one of my favorite sundresses! I was just about to put on my cute wedge heels when I looked at my feet. 😱😱😱 Tragic!!! I’d pushed that pedi off 3 weeks too far! Continue reading “This is a Public Service Announcement!”