Majestically Flawed, Personal Growth, Spiritual

Improvement Not Perfection

I've been on a self imposed improvement plan since April!  Birthed after a close colleague worked behind my back to discredit me.  This left me feeling, alone, distrustful and devastated.  In the midst of this I had an opportunity to do some self assessment and decided though the deception was largely untrue I did indeed… Continue reading Improvement Not Perfection

Majestically Flawed, Spiritual

I’m Ok, You’re Ok God Loves Our Flaws! 

Learning to love our imperfections can be difficult! The media showcases impossible beauty standards that even the models themselves can't live up to! Going into this week let's reflect on the words to this song by Kierra Sheard! It's called, Flaws and sometimes I listen to remind myself that I don't need to be perfect! God… Continue reading I’m Ok, You’re Ok God Loves Our Flaws!