About Me

My name is Anna and I’m Complicated!!!

Failures, pain, fears, among, triumph, joy, and bliss, I own my story.  I’m an imperfect vessel that God has purposed to motivate encourage and love others.

I’m on a journey to love and self acceptance. Navigating this new COVID reality. I Unapologetically Love myself and just to be clear black lives matter! I need humanity to do better, I need America to be better. Tearing down the system of oppression that our country was built on and rebuilding it in a renewed faith to build it on truth, equity truly embracing all humanity!

Sound likes a Utopia but, my perfectly imperfect self believes we will be better when we seek God and allow him to change our hearts. I’m hopeful! Promise to share my experience with a bit of wisdom, creativity and encouragement along the way.


Majestically Flawed