Black Lives Matter, Catharsis, COVID-19, Majestically Flawed, Mental Health, SelfCare, Systemic Racism

I Gotta Write

COVID-19 Summer or, we all woke now let’s defeat systemic racism, or ………..

I’ve had time to read, I’ve had time to learn, I’ve had time to contemplate.

I’ve had so much time!

Time to feel a pain in my neck because my humanity is not enough for my life to have value.

I CAN’T BREATH!! !!! It’s not just a Coronavirus. It has a lot to do with a pollution that permeates every state, system and even its constitution.

Living in this Country, whose land is drenched in the ….blood, so much blood and sweat of my ancestors. It is a constant trauma.

Systemic racism that permeates the fabric knit together to make up this America.

Where, this COVID virus kills more people who’s skin falls on the spectrum of Brown. No doubt due to comorbidities, which some simply attribute to bad choices. Failing to acknowledge it greatly impacted by environmental racism, medical racism, poverty, and…… It’s a long list.

Where, I can be sleep in my bed and shot by state sponsored assassins with no repercussions. My bad! we got the wrong address. But still I lay dying leaving a family to grieve.

Where, a human can jog down his street be hunted and murdered by, want to be vigilantes. They fashion themselves as hero’s because the young person decided to explore a property being built.

Curiosity+Brown Skin = Threat

They were told they were within their rights to be the police, Judge and Jury, because well……black lives don’t matter?

Where, a beautiful, sweet young man, an introvert, just a lil different can be murdered by three thugs with badges. For nearly a year the anguish of a mother and the community that loved him cried for justice to no avail.

See I have to write……

I have to clear my mind. It is catharsis to express my thoughts even if no one reads it but me.

Because, this pain and frustration is suffocating me. Ignoring it is not an option. I feel the physical pain that the emotional trauma of being a conscious, introspective and empathetic human on the brown skin color spectrum. Living and knowing that…….

EVERYTHING in this country has been set up against my success, my dreams, my aspirations. There is no freedom if everyone isn’t free. There is no humanity if our black lives don’t matter.


Elijah McClain

Breonna Taylor

Ahmaud Arbery

George Floyd

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