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How Do We Fix This Country? Women!

I haven’t written in months although I have had a lot to say! My duties as wife, mom, teacher and First Lady have pushed my first love to the side!

In this current season I am compelled to write this post. This pending vote for Kavanaugh has me scratching my head.

Women as the Queen of your home I hope you realize that you have power, a voice and influence?

I read yesterday about a southern evangelical woman who stated she didn’t watch the hearing but she kept up on the coverage. Instead she chose to turn it off and pray for the people listening and watching.

Ok, I thought ……… this seemingly deeply spiritual woman has decided I’m just going to check out and give it to “jesus”! But she is praying to the “jesus” that turns a blind eye to the very injustice, prejudice, racism, classism and sexism that this country claims not to embrace!

I am a follower of the Jesus who boldly stood up against the establishment for those who were the least of society! The Jesus not to aristocratic to hang with the common folk.

Listen, if keeping up with the hearing includes getting it filtered through the lenses of Fox News and the like than are you really engaging in the reality of this situation. Are you looking into the eyes of the surviver and accused! Are you connecting with all the moving pieces of human interaction and communication.

As a Christian woman, I believe in taking things to the Lord in prayer! But we are not to stay blind and pray we must watch as well! (Matthew 26:41 We must seek out the facts. As women we have an obligation to not only pray, but to put the work in and think for yourself.

Your Pastor and your Husband do not think for you! My husband is my Pastor and Before him I had another Pastor who encouraged us to test, does the message line up with the Word of God? That as men of God they were just that, men! Prone to failure, not above reproach nor higher than the Word of God itself. Our Faith is not an excuse to be blind and to bury our heads in the sand! We must put in the work! (James 2:14-26)


As women we must kick the politicians (as the definition has skewed significantly) out of Washington and vote in advocates and servants. As women we have a responsibilities to stand up to people who don’t value women and children!

We must also eliminate the fear of otherness! Hate is a poison and prejudice is a chronic disease. They both do more to kill the “American Dream” than any “other” ever has. God loves all of us we don’t get to pick and choose who we love and who we serve! Out with fear!!!

Most importantly we have to stand with our sisters and brothers who have been violated. The truth is sexual assault happens and when we can not pledge acceptance with a vote for a perpetrator.

This patriarchal country is set up with women and minorities seen as unworthy, uninformed and unintelligent. People who buy in to this lie will continue to act in accordance with this viewpoint. By refusing to be educated, allowing others to think and act on your behalf, you continue to support a system that must be torn down!

What is obvious to me is that men had there chance to run things, and blew it!!

Times up!!

Women must Lead!

When We All Vote

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