Majestically Flawed

Grace in a Graceless World

It would be wonderful if I could confess with great sincerity that I acknowledged my blessings daily. If my heart radiated daily my gratitude for each and every breath. Instead of being mindful of the abundance of blessings in my life I seem to spend too much time ruminating over my flaws and perceived failures.

I guess it’s part of the human experience to hyper-focus on the things that just aren’t right in our lives. Our culture celebrates the appearance of perfectionism. We have a generation of anxiety-ridden superwomen and the designer wearing, depressed who are driving cars they can’t afford all in the name of status and appearances. I, like many, have sought to live up to unrealistic standards set by………… well who set them anyway?

In this season, I am making an effort to do better and To Thank God for every blessing in my life! Even the seemingly negative flaws!

It’s a season of celebration and new beginnings. Not to make resolutions, to quit this, loose that and find them.

Join me in choosing to focus on joy and all the things that make me who I am. A daughter of The King! Majestic in the eyes of God! A complex, perfectly imperfect woman. Extending to my self Grace that God has extended to me. Committed to being my best, aiming high, loving myself and others!

We have the power to own our past but write our future!

Let’s choose to, focus on the beauty that is around us, what is positive, honorable and worthy of admiration. Striving, pushing and pulling ourselves and others towards excellence!

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