Majestically Flawed

When Stuck In Traffic, Sing!

Friday was my birthday and I turned Fabulously Forty Four!! I traveled to Columbus Ohio with my hubby and while he attended to business, I was to spend the day shopping and enjoying me time which is exactly what I did!!

The day was going well! I spent time at a spa, shopped found some adorable bargains and was eager to get back to my Love for dinner and us time. Well……… My carefree day came to an abrupt halt, when I ran into a traffic nightmare!

I mean, I was hungry and I had a date with the powder room. My man was waiting, patiently, (football was on). When you are not actually familiar with an area and it is rush hour you might want to consider time.

Well first came light frustration that slowly ramped up for the next 30 minutes! As I noticed my arrival time had not changed during the 30 minuets I’m like…. “is this for real 😳!!!

Ok well so I returned a couple of calls and about 30 minutes later my arrival time increase from its original time by 5 minutes. 😳😠😡

I pause from my borderline anger pity party and tuned my ear to Devon Franklin talking on a a radio program! He talked about his opportunity to revisit the project that is now an animated movie called, The Star. It seems he wanted to produce this a long time ago but it got put on the shelf.

This got me thinking about the promises of God. You may feel He has forgotten you and the dream you had to set aside. Nearly forgotten like a prized possession collecting dust on the shelf.

But…….. that may not have been your season you may not be ready or the time not right. I choose to believe in God’s perfect wisdom and timing.

Sometimes we have to wait and it’s longer than we ever thought. Don’t get weary and don’t let your frustrations discourage you from pressing on.

The shift in my mood was swift. I started to sing, first a little than a full blown concert all by myself in the car!

Traffic still moved at a snails pace and yes I was nearly an hour and a half late. What I learned in that moment was choosing joy in those slow frustrating seasons served a purpose. There is a peace in allowing joy in.

So while in life’s traffic jams, Sing! Choose Joy!

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