Majestically Flawed

What’s Not To Understand

I have four children, raised in a Christian home, loved by their parents, extended family and friends. Each has a special gift and call on there life. They are good citizens, kind and loving people. They are blessed and I am grateful!

With that being said, I believe that the love and concern I have for my children is universal and that this is what connects us as humans.

That’s why I’m asking the question. A friend and sister in Christ made a statement that she doesn’t understand my post about the fear and anxiety for my son’s safety.

My second oldest son is working on an internship in a small town in Missouri just shy of St. Louis. He has been there just less than three months and has been pulled over twice.

He is a good son, loving brother, quirky, intelligent and a lover of Christ. I fear that the ones who swore to serve and protect will see less value in my son then their own son. They won’t think of his family, his dreams or the calling on his life. They may see his smile as not genuine, his words suspect and his sudden movement or worrisome look as threats. He won’t get the benefit of the doubt that he is good, gifted or that his life is of immense value!

The color of his skin may attach the worst of human stereotypes.

To some, black boys and black men are initially seen as a threat, whether wearing sagging pants, athletic gear or a 3 piece suit.

To others they may be seen as sub human based on the generational racism that still exist in this country.

What’s not to understand? my fears are based in sad truths!

Don’t tell me you don’t see it! It’s simple I don’t feel that my man-child is safe in many parts of this Great United States of America.

If you love your child with a passion and would be devastated if someone harmed them than, What’s Not to Understand?

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