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2:00 A.M Post: Hate

My heart hurts for our world and it’s suffering people. As I hear of people struggling to survive in the wake of natural disasters I pray that God shows up in the midst of their trials.

When I hear about senseless murder, whether by the hands of those meant to protect and or another dark misguided soul, I stop seeking the why’s.

I know the whys! Our American culture embraces hate. It’s in the air that we breath and the food we eat.

People are content and comfortable with carrying hate in their heart!

Sometimes we try to disguise Hate, dress it up in doctrine, cover it up with a fake floral print smile.

We pretend it’s not there hidden behind a wall that is made of glass but the reality is we can still see it!

If we don’t acknowledge Hate we can pretend it’s not there. However veiled it may seem, Hate is never quite! It’s always whispering, in our thoughts. Hate hollers loudest in our silence! Even when Hate only whimpers in our actions!

Hate is the darkness that we as believers have allowed to run amuck. We have sat comfortably by. We check our discernment at the church house doors while Hate finds many comfortable seats in a place it should never feel welcomed.

I mean Hate is very comfortable in dark places! Is there enough light on our pews that Hate finds no seat?

Unfortunately here in America Hate can be passed through breast milk! In the cereal we feed our kids. It doesn’t take much! If allowed it will fester and grow till it manifest itself in vitriol and divisive speech! Or it shows it’s face in blatant disregard of human life!

How is it that with so many “good” people striving to live a life like Christ that Hate has been able to flourish and grow almost unhindered?

Denial of Hates existence, creates the perfect hiding place in plain sight! Turning a blind eye, making excuses and denying that it’s even there.

This is what is most dangerous! Our unchecked heart and unwillingness to call out the seemingly small amount of Hate. Hate that is in our space, our ears, our sight our voice our actions and inactions!

Hate starts in our heart, flows to our thoughts this is the breeding ground.

Seeing Hate’s seed and countering it starts with the individual. Recognizing it is the first step in not allowing it to take root!

Finally we are flesh and spiritual beings! Ask God to reveal the areas of your heart that harbor hate that you don’t see. Ask God to show you the areas in your life in which you have let Hate take root.

Seeking to shine the light of Christ requires work on our part. He will equip us for this task. Challenging Hate even in the church house prevents him from a dark place to hide!

Lord give us a clean heart, help us to do the hard work of self assessment to counter the darkness in this world. Help us to radiate Your perfect Love in so many ways that hate must flee! We ask this in Jesus Name! Amen

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