Majestically Flawed, Personal Growth, Spiritual

Improvement Not Perfection

I’ve been on a self imposed improvement plan since April!  Birthed after a close colleague worked behind my back to discredit me.  This left me feeling, alone, distrustful and devastated.  In the midst of this I had an opportunity to do some self assessment and decided though the deception was largely untrue I did indeed have flaws that placed me in the position to be judged harshly. Looking at my surroundings I decided that no excuses, I must make improvements in my life both career and personal!

Overcoming debilitating anxiety had been hard but I have been successful! I knew I was capable of great growth.   One of the blessings to come out of it was my releasing the need to be perfect embracing the imperfections in life and regaining control of my narrative!

I began to be mindful of my choices, classroom environment, preparation and my words.  Observing myself and first being accountable to me I set out to improve areas in which  I was weak and increase the capacity of my strengths.  It’s not a focus on perfectionism, which I had learned from Brene Brown is unattainable and self-destructive. I’m simply focused on being the best ME possible!

Being a spiritual person I first took my shortcomings to God in prayer. I knew that in his perfect wisdom I could be totally transformed or He would extend His grace to cover my shortcomings.  I am mindful of my calling and walk in it.
Prayer helped me move into a place of acceptance, accountability and forgiveness.  Knowing faith without works would not bring the desired change I made a commitment to do things different!

Part of that commitment included pursuing my personal passions and finding work life balance.  This blog had been a dream of mine and I took a chance on using my voice in this format to encourage others on this life’s journey.

Now everyday is an opportunity to honor my commitment!  I have more confidence and secure in my gifts. Conquering Imposter syndrome, I have found that God’s Grace is truly sufficient!

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