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This is for You! 

Right now you feel that you are alone in this big old world with millions upon millions of other people!  

Unseen, unheard, unnoticed!  I’ve been there too.  I’ve dwelled in lonlieness though I physically was not alone.  I lived in it until I was forced to cry out to a Devine and Majestic Creator!!   

Guess what he answered me!!  Filling that dark pool inside me with His love and light!!  Designed with a purpose he had a plan for my life and provisions for my success!  

This world will have you convinced that you have no divinity within you. Making sure you cling firmly to doubt that this God is not here! 

Don’t be deceived! 

When left to our flawed  intellect and human frailties we have a distorted view of life.

We must lift up your eyes extend our arms cry out to him! Seek him and surrender all of our struggles and burdens to a God who can handle our fears, doubt, shame and pain. 

Houses of worship, sit empty while a  struggling people limp by. Simply surviving!  

Church is not the enemy, preachers are not the enemy, religion is not the enemy!  The enemy is the darkness that has infiltrated the hearts of men and women.  

Seek first the Savior. Choose to believe.  Surrender your pain, sorrow and struggles.  Ask that God directs your path.  Accept His Grace!  Walk in Faith!

If you read this, know that God sent this for you!

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