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Casual Faith

I once was a casual Christian. Hanging on my wall like a fire extinguisher, break glass in case of emergency!  Only calling on YOU, JESUS, when things were going wrong.

I once was sought a casual connection with YOU. Struggling to comprehend I closed the book. Thrown on a shelf covered in dust, I couldn’t learn YOUR ways. I couldn’t hear, deaf to YOUR wisdom from ancient days.

I once was casual about talking to YOU.  I only called when I needed something.  Forgetting to say thank YOU!  Feeling alone finally seeking to hear YOUR voice say: I love you, you are fearlessly and wonderfully made, you are forgiven, it will work out for your good.

Being casual was so easy! Here, we like easy, we like independence, we like to play, we like to be the alpha and omega.

img_4443Our worship never casual and rarely for YOU!  I realize, by YOUR design we are wired to worship! Disconnected we seek our idols and worship them!  Our gods are sports, celebrity, politicians, jobs, status, money, our children and a favorite…………ourselves!

Our little gods keep our relationship with the Almighty GOD casual!
I tired of my little gods, I may have loved them but they could never love me in return. My satisfaction was always temporary, my expectations so high, yet their return so low. They offered no lasting comfort and incapable of imparting wisdom I found my worship of them futile.

Today I desire more, I worship a living GOD who is the Beginning and the End! He is the creator of our universe and I stand in awe of HIS majesty! HIS artistry is painted on the canvas of our world, a constant reminder that HE is near! HIS Love demonstrated in the miracle of life, HIS word stands as model of how to love others. God fulfills our needs, providing peace in the midst of our trials.

img_4445My faith no longer casual. I call on HIM everyday!  I’ve found HIS book and the words are alive! HE speaks to me, sharing perspective, wisdom, and understanding. We share in a never ending dialogue.  I know my human frailties and I only desire to lean on HIM to accomplish what ever HE asks of me! I abide in the shelter, HIS presence provides me.

CHRIST is my model. Faith makes me strong! No man can harm me, I will not be oppressed, devalued or pushed aside by any worshiper of little gods!

Put up your toys, they are but a distraction and move away from your casual faith.

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