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Being an Educator! My 2 Pennies

To be an educator you can’t just be good at instruction and creating lesson plans you must bring all of you to the table.  Organization,  communication,  engagement,  pedagogy,  management,  instructional strategies,  assessment,  content standards, differentiation,  materials,  administrative paperwork, progress monitoring , grading, copying and many tasks needed to complete in order  to successfully be a classroom teacher.

The most critical piece not even mentioned:  Love of students a genuine passion and belief in educating the whole child.   Unfortunately many potentially great teachers leave the profession with the overwhelming responsibilities.  Administration often lacks empathy as higher ups far from the classroom are making decisioins that impact us daily.

I’m not saying this just to vent but I admittedly have not found the magic process for completing all of those tasks with the excellence they deserve.

What if we had a secretary for Pre K-1,  2-4 and 5-6.  There job: to make copies,  assist with station prep grade selected assessment.  imput data and manage team lead  or district  information to desciminate.

As a teacher I want to create a happy classroom where student feel welcomed! I want to encourage a love of learning and pursuit of academic achievement.  The less I let the extra’s stress me, the more I can pour into my students.

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