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Newbie First Lady

One of my Idols is Michelle Obama,  not just because she is A First Lady but because of the grace, regalness, and integrity in which she carried herself during what I think was probably a very difficult position.  I mean, when we marry we have a vision for our future and rarely does it include being married to the Leader of the free world.   With that being said, I too am A First Lady.  No, I don’t have secret service or designers dressing me in the latest FLOTUS approved fashion.  I have not met Oprah or dined with  heads of state.  I’ve yet to lead a nation or global initiative, not that I’m incapable!

Yep, I’m a First Lady.  Simply a title given to the unglamorous position of being wife of a pastor.  My husband was ordained on a Friday and assigned a church on Saturday and preaching at his new church on Sunday morning.  We were no longer just members of the church I had attended for 18 years. We were now sent out to labor in the fields of God’s Kingdom as a family!

Not quite prepared for the sudden change, I cried and mourned leaving my church family.  At the same time I praised God for the work He entrusted to my husband and the call He had placed on my husbands life.  I watched in awe as God worked throug

h my husband. Both of us humbled that a Majestic Lord would use lil old him.

We managed the stress and weathered the storm of change.  My husband was now in charge of sheparding a church.  An introvert by nature with two lil mini introverts  I learned how to be “On” when I desired to be in my shell. My main job has been to support my husband in doing the work God has called our family to do. Doing this while simultaneously protecting my daughters from the well meaning members unrequested comments.

I’m still trying to figure this First Lady thing out.  Loving people building relationships, while still keeping boundaries in place. It is a juggling act.

So, I embrace this new role.  Through it God has revealed so much of his plan for our lives beyond what we’d ever thought. God has blessed and provided for us in only a the way that He could. Our family remains our 1st Ministry and my most important job being the Pastor’s Wife!

2 thoughts on “Newbie First Lady”

  1. I still remember when my dad was Pastoring a church when I was for a few years when I was much younger. It was initially just supposed to be “helping” and then… things happened lol. But I was MISERABLE leaving where I was familiar with. Although I was young, and I wasn’t a pastor’s wife I definitely felt as if I was on the hot seat all the time. So I definitely felt you when you talked about the emotion you felt leaving your church family. But God has more more depths to take you to, so be blessed!

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