Majestically Flawed, Spiritual

By Any Other Name

Who is God? To some he is Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, some may call him the Universe, but I simply call him God! A God that has many names because He fulfills many roles.

God who was there before time and masterfully orchestrated this canvas called earth! God who is intricately woven into and throughout the fabric of our beings! God who interacts with us never disconnected always here. God who speaks to and through us by way of our intertwined spirits!

His love for us, although we fail to love him as intensely, is everlasting! God is a synonym for Love, the kind of Love we can aspire too but our flesh taints. Sending Jesus to be in our midst fully human fully divine. Jesus a fleshly representative of the God that we can’t see or touch but on a cellular level we knew innately. Jesus sent as atonement for our sinful nature. Jesus as a roadmap to The Father. A path that not without thorns, rocks and obstacles nevertheless will lead you towards the throne of God. Jesus as a model of how to tap into our divinity while living out our humanity. Jesus sent to establish God’s kingdom on earth. 

I am grateful for The God breathed Word that still to this day speaks and continues to be current. Human influence cause other people’s doubt, evil hearts who have twisted the Word and used it as a weapon! The Bible used to manipulate, segregate, oppress, imprison, separate, inspire hate, and kill. We who are seeking something pure and unblemished is impossible once we touch it. Yes, we fall short. We are flawed and imperfect! But still!!!

But still, God loves us! His grace and mercy sustain us. There is beauty in imperfection. Our perfection is found in Him!


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