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Not Quite Empty Nest

Once while talking to a fellow teacher I mentioned to her that I had 4 children. Her response, “oh you are one of those types”.  I smiled but to this day I have no clue what she meant by that.

I am the kind of teacher who misses her student while also enjoying the restful evenings and down time summer brings.  I really do love children so if that has anything to do with that statement I guess I am one of those types! The truth is I love being a parent. I really do!! Not some of the time, all the time, even when they are at their worst! Coloring on the walls, throwing food on the floor, riding bikes, making friends, first dates and driving.  Yes, potentially nerve-wrecking but wonderful to experience.

My favorite mantra about parenting; “It is but a season”. No matter what is going on, how stressful or joyous, “It is but a season!

Childhood is short, I’ve been with my husband longer than I was with my mom.  Babyhood, toddlerhood, teen years, BUT a season! I am that mom that takes a thousand pictures on the first day of school and then cries in the car about how fast they are growing up. I’ve done that for 4 kids and as a teacher my husband takes the pictures when I can’t be there.

Today we dropped our college aged son off at his new apartment, six hours away by car. He will begin a 5-month internship. It was hard to leave him in a place I know little about. What about crime? What about police profiling? Will he find a church? Will he make good friends? Will he miss me?

Tear Break………😢

There is little to prepare you when it comes to watching your children become adults!  The very thing that you wanted for them is playing out!  Education, health, independence, kind to others, to love God and be self-sufficient is all we ever want for our kiddos.  Staring at the full moon high in the sky as we drove home I fought the urge to cry.  All I could say to my husband was, “we wanted this for him. Count it all Joy”

God gives us children for a season we love them, grow them and nurture them, eventually pushing them from the nest expecting them to soar!  And when they do….. Count it all joy!!!!

Enjoy the good and bad of every season. Where did the time go is a cliché founded in truth!  I have two young adult children, adulthood came fast.

I’m working hard to be present in this season my girls are in.  On the cusp of high school, I am fully aware they too will be grown up in no time.  So for now, I am happy and I will enjoy that we have a not quite empty nest.


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