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If Loving Me Is Wrong, #herlovestory

In response to a post by Mattison B. she is asking for black women to share their stories of self-love using the hashtag #herlovestory

For the month of July, She’s Mattie, Son will be supporting and sharing the self love Love Stories of Black women in order to encourage and educate others about loving their selves regardless of the obstacles they encounter.


If Loving Me Is Wrong

So many years wasted, looking for something superficial. Focused on any flaw. Could anything good come from the hood? Wrong shade of brown.  Everybody, can’t be redbone. Never pretty enough, except, for……a brown girl.

Society told you…….. but how could you have known?  That those images!  Devoid of color was not a reflection of your worth and value.

Generational patterns of dysfunction grew like weeds flourishing in the dark recesses of your mind. Choking out your self-esteem, silencing your voice, shrinking you in an effort to make you invisible, rationalizing your fears, diminishing your gifts.  Accepting less, progressing slowly,  not stagnant!

One foot at a time, I start the climb relying on His light as a guide! Washing mud from my eyes I receive my sight. Faith is making me stronger!

I look up to the hills. The path not steady,  but, with each step, more healing takes place.  My fractured parts begin to fuse. No longer accepting abuse, the status quo, nor a skewed standard of how I should look.

A smile, dark eyes, proportional in size.  Straight hair, don’t dare! I’m in love with them coils up there.  Long legs, skinny thighs, always perfect in my man’s eyes. Learned to embrace what I didn’t recognize!

My vision was fine, next came my heart and mind. Proud of my past, being a teen mother, my badge. Prayer, peeled back the layers, exposed the rot and dug it out. Pruned into a plant destined to grow.  Love for me, first a seed, took root.  Love for others is the off shoots.  This Joy I have the world couldn’t give it and It may try to take it away. But! Redeemed by a Friend who loves me in deed! Sacrificed Self for my flaws and iniquities.

There is beauty, authenticity, uniqueness in my imperfections. My gifts, no longer hidden. Shining in His light now I see my value! I know my worth! I’ve found my VOICE!

If loving me is wrong?

Boy Bye!  I know you a lie!

Thank you for reading my #herlovestory piece.  For more checkout  Mattison B here.

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