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Walking in Faith, When You Can’t See The Details

Oh, how wonderful it would be when faced with a tough decision if we could google search and get the perfect solutions. How magical would it be if we could ask Siri,  and have an assurance that she has the perfect judgment to our dilemma?  Making difficult choices and experiencing hardships are a part of life.  Sometimes the very decisions we have to make are not due to desire but of necessity. Life offers no guarantees and this knowledge can leave us anxious, desperate and hopeless.  Our success in navigating the twist and turns that life guarantees us, with some semblance of sanity can only be done with acceptance and faith.



When we let go of our need to have control,  have all the facts and have assurances of success only then can we arrive at a place of acceptance.  Yielding this need to control is the starting point of being able to move through life able to handle the many decisions that will come our way.  Conceding that in the grand scheme of life, we just can’t know all that our future holds.  Scary?  Maybe.  However in accepting these things we free ourself to move forward choosing optimism as our frame of reference.  Optimism that things will work out for our good.  This is where Faith comes into play.


Belief, confidence, and assurance in ourselves, others and God is the basis of Faith.  It is after experiencing deception and coming out better for it in the end.   It is volunteering on a mission trip after learning about a need that few people have been able to fill.  It feels like the fear of following a dream that has been on your heart for as long as you can remember but you do it anyway.

It’s not easy to walk in faith, it is a choice.  Doubt creeps in.  Understand that our doubt is not the opposite of faith.  It is a necessary component that highlights the pulse of our heart and breath in our bodies. To doubt is to question and explore, it highlights our humanity.  Faith and doubt work together preventing us from being like a feather in the wind.  Blowing here and there never questioning never thinking,  unconcerned about where we land.  Doubt makes us human.  In doubt is where we make the choice to take steps anyway!  Walking forward in faith, when we can’t see or know the details of the process is Faith.

Faith Quote Pastor J Gray

My faith in  God allows me to maintain optimism especially if I am lacking faith in myself.  Being unable to accept our lack of control can feel us with anxiety.  Like me, you may take some comfort in the idea that you have control over your life.  Don’t get me wrong you have control over decisions but you can not predict the outcome.  How we view the uncertainty of our life choices impacts our emotional health. So be vulnerable admit your human frailty, embrace the unknown and Have Faith!

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2 thoughts on “Walking in Faith, When You Can’t See The Details”

  1. Ah, yes! I have to research things to death when trying to make a variety of decisions, and it makes me want God to “write it on the wall” so I will know what He wants me to do. Sometimes, He expects us to just trust and walk in faith, and no amount of “googling” will change that!


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