Majestically Flawed, Mental Health, Personal Growth, SelfCare

No Longer Paper Thin

Sensitive is an understatement!  I spent so many years walking around with paper thin skin.  I believe it went hand in hand with my social anxieties.  Walking around trying to protect myself from the darts that were aimed at me was exhausting!  Those darts of criticism were mostly self-inflicted.

I worked hard to make myself small and invisible. On the flip side, I felt no one saw me.  Puberty was the worst! My already hardwired for anxiety brain went into overdrive.

Meeting each other in our teens my husband and me, both wounded,  directed our darts at each other.  Paper thin skin leads to conflict and strife!

Many people feel like they must strike first.   In an effort to protect themselves from rips and tears they begin to wound others to protect their frailties.  This thinking is counterproductive because it doesn’t deal with the taped and stapled parts of your self-esteem barely pieced together.

Self-esteem can be recycled take those pieces and make them over into something new, improved, stronger!  Mix in a little love, faith, vulnerability, and self-reflection and witness the seeds of change!

Building up your thin skin requires that you allow yourself to be vulnerable, own your hurts, embrace your flaws, challenge faulty thinking.  Reframe how you see your imperfections.  There are beauty and worth in your imperfect self.

For me hurt was so deep I didn’t know who I could go too? I first turned to my faith. I struggled with the concept of a God loving pitiful damaged me.  I prayed and ask God to lead me to books that would support my growth.  I read many books and sometimes it would be one sentence that shifted my thinking.

I went to a couple of therapists who helped me to combat the negative thoughts swirling around in my head.  I came to the understanding that learning to fall in love with myself, sometimes over and over again, was my responsibility.

Yes you have been hurt and I don’t know your story but I know that if you open your heart to the root of Love you will be filled.  Stand in faith you are majestic, perfect just as you are!

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