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Vacationing With Teens

Ohhh to be 11 and 14 again……. NOT! We are on a family vacation and visiting family! My husband I are loving the shared time with are two youngest kiddo’s exploring the city visiting the sights and eating good food!  The girls are enjoying this too between the moodiness, fussing and biting the others head off. Oh sweet puberty!

The first blog I read this morning was a Godsend!  It is about raising positive kids!!   Yessss! this is just what I needed on our last full day of vacation!!  Breakfast conversation here we come!!  Check out The Richness of a Simple Life, I already know it will be a blessing!

3 thoughts on “Vacationing With Teens”

      1. It takes some time to transition. Have you joined the parenting book club? I might have asked you already I just wanted to be sure. I think you might find the book we’re reading together beneficial. 💖💖


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