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The Power to Change

I don’t know about other people but, I am sometimes my own worst enemy.  I have often felt powerless to change. Things like assertiveness, organization, eating right, working out with consistency can be a struggle.  I am attentionally challenged, somewhat impulsive with issues in all areas of executive functioning.

I mean, I’m intelligent, driven and creative why do I tend to struggle when it comes to doing the things I say I want?  How do I set goals for my health, family, career,  ministry, and my passions?  How do I efficiently grow my students to their highest potential? These questions drove me to seek out information on how the best ways to elicit change that sticks around.

Reaching the next level requires that I  grow beyond my current place.   What got me to this point will not keep me here. I’ve been watching videos and reading about making changes for self-improvement.  I want to be successful but the first thing I learned was that motivation alone is never enough to.  I have to change behaviors and form new habits.

How do we make changes stick?  

Now I love TED talks and have watched many but I really wanted to get some information that helped me to set goals and make changes.  So I came across a TED Talk by Neale Martin entitled, Why TED Talks Don’t Change Your Life Much.

The statement that resonated most with me was,   “Thoughts are weak behaviors is strong.”  Martin shared five steps to creating a new habit, below I’ll share my behavioral goal modeling the 5 steps.

  1.  The behavioral goal is to be in my peak cardio heart rate at least 20 minutes each day.
  2.  Context, workout after breakfast 4 days a week and after dinner 3 days a week.
  3.  My cue, taking my morning medicine and my evening medicine time something I already do daily.
  4.   Reinforcement, no phone games until I have had a solid 20 minutes at peak heart rate.
  5.  Repeat until it’s a habit!

How motivated am I to make this a habit!  Very!! My health depends on it. With prayer and a plan, I look forward to creating a new healthier habit.  In about 5 weeks, I will update with a post about the results.  Wish me luck!

What behavioral goals do you have? 


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