Submission In Worship

In our culture the word submission carries a lot of baggage. Submissiveness often attributed to a negative attribute has been tainted however it all depends on on WHAT you are submitting too.

I am a Christian and we are called to worship the Lord in Spirit and in truth. In order to fully do this we have to be able to surrender ourself, our will to the Lord.  Only when we surrender our will can we submit ourselves to God’s authority. 

Submitting to his authority means that we put away the idols that prevent us from abiding in God, relying on Him as our source, strength and wisdom. Submission is knowing every breath, thought action and decision is filtered through God’s word!  

Easier said than done, we must wholeheartedly allow God to be the captain of our life. Relinquish the control  we believe we have and  let God take the wheel.  When we submit to knowing God through prayer and His word, the outgrowth is True Worship!

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