Majestically Flawed, SelfCare

This is a Public Service Announcement!

I have an important message for my sister and mister friends! However first, a short story.   It was about 90 degrees today and I choose one of my favorite sundresses! I was just about to put on my cute wedge heels when I looked at my feet. 😱😱😱 Tragic!!! I’d pushed that pedi off 3 weeks too far!    Guess who had to walk around in flats all day while my toes wanted freedom!! Needless to say, I’m good now as I’m leaving the nail salon that is locking the doors at the close of another business day!

Me Time
Be Fabulous

The moral of the story.   Don’t put yourself last!  Be mindful to care for YOU!  With so many people and things on our schedule  you can’t allow yourself to just  burn out, fall apart or slip into a slump.  We can’t stay on empty and have anything left to give.

Refuel your HAPPY TANK!!  For me it may be a fresh mani-pedi for others a new shade of lipstick or a happy hour meet up with your bestie!! Sacrifice is sometimes necessary but don’t began the habit of putting YOU on the back burner!!

Your Goal: Be Fabulous!


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