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Taming the Tongue 

I must admit when it comes to my mouth… well let’s say It’s a work in progress!  Sarcasm is easy and I never thought it was bad…….  but lately I’ve noticed that situations that are bad don’t magically become better with the addition of an ill-placed sarcastic comment.

I’ve been studying the attributes of a Virtuous woman yes that superwoman overachieving heroine in the Bible.  Nothing makes you feel like you just aren’t measuring up as a woman than reading about the Woman Of Nobel Character  Proverbs 31:10-31.

Of course, that’s not the intention, it is more of a model for the power a woman holds.

One of the virtues that I came across was a scripture that to paraphrase says she speaks wisdom and gives instruction with kindness (proverbs 31:26).  After continued prayer and meditation I’ve come to the conclusion that my sarcastic ways have to go! Out with the trash!!!

So how exactly do we tame our tongue and speak with wisdom and kindness?  For starters lets not rely on our on strengths.   We try often in our own power to make changes however we are flesh and prone to make mistakes.   I choose to rely on the power of the Holy Spirit which dwells in me.

So that day to day walk of dying to self, requires that we know the characteristics of Jesus and we model our behavior after those characteristics.


Jesus loves us deeply so much so that he sacrificed his fleshly life to atone for our failings and shortcomings.  One way we can show his love is by choosing to speak our words with love.


Jesus commands us to forgive.  When people come for you… and they will, we must have a forgiving heart.  People will try you!  They will irritate you.  They will use their words to hurt you.  Forgive!! There is power in our tongue.  We must use our words to speak life while extending the grace God has given each of us.


No matter where we are, Jesus showed in his ministry his ability to meet people where they were. He embraced even those who others thought not worthy! So our speech should reflect a spirit of compassion!

So when you fail repeatedly, and you will, forgive yourself and keep working towards these attributes!  After all, we are all a work in progress. We owe ourselves compassion too.

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