Majestically Flawed, Personal Growth

Majestic!  Flaws and All

Imagine a life where everything is perfect!  Everyone looks the same has the same gifts and talents.  Imagine life with no mistakes, no failures, and no flaws. Imagine a life with no pain, no suffering or illness.  Sounds like paradise right? Maybe, but how boring would perfection be!

I spent years struggling with social anxiety and insecurities.  For most of my years, I wallowed in self-pity, Never feeling good enough, never feeling like I fit in!  Never feeling attractive or worthy of love.  Now I’d love to say I never feel that way anymore because I am very much a work in progress.  I no longer rely on my strength nor do I Judge myself harshly comparing myself to others.

One of my favorite songs is Imagine me by Kirk Franklin! When I heard this song it spoke to my experience, it also revealed to me that hey I am not alone!  I am not the only one who struggles. I’m not the only person who feels incredibly flawed!   The most important revelation is that God has made me in his image! I am majestic in his eyes flaws and all.  God sees my beauty inside and out! I am gifted talented and called to live out the vision assigned to my life

On this Journey, I want to take the hand of my sisters who want to embrace the royalty within!  I am my sister’s keeper. If my life’s journey can be a beacon of light to someone and encourage them along the way I’m a willing vessel!

Living in his Light

Majestically Flawed

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